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:bulletred::bulletred:TEACHERS AND STUDENTS NEEDED! FEEL FREE TO SIGN UP!:bulletred::bulletred:
Added Coding (HTML & CSS) to classes

If you do not wish to sign up, it would be greatly appreciated if I could get help getting ACU advertised and out there!

Welcome Teachers and Students once more to ACU Academy!

While the doors are not quite open once more. I am working to revive this art tutoring program, and in turn I am looking for teachers and students alike! While it will work similar to before, it has a new breath of life and will have brand new aspects that weren't seen before to hopefully better organize classes and to help teachers keep up to par with their students. Below will be the requirements for each position, as well as respective forms for each position. There will be no limit to how many teachers or students there may be, however teachers will be expected to state their maximum number of students they are comfortable with maintaining.

ACU Academy Changes

- Academy based folder in the gallery
   - This folder will be for all ACU Academy assignments, and projects to be uploaded in.
   - Students will be able to submit their class work in a nice organized manner where the teacher has easy access to view and grade.

- Teachers only blog. Where teachers can gather to discuss tutoring techniques, seek advice from other teachers and possibly collaborate with students
- Students only blog. Where students from all of ACU Academy can discuss what they've learned, experience with their teacher, socialize and showcase progress

ACU Academy is aimed to help artists of all levels, from beginners who wish to learn the basics of anatomy or shading. To seasoned professionals who'd like to learn some extra advice, or expand their knowledge on already known techniques. There is no skill requirement to become a teacher, as this entire program is volunteer based. It never has, nor will it ever be profit based. If you feel like you have knowledge to share, you are more than welcome to fill out that form and become a teacher! If you have room to gain knowledge, you are welcome to become a student.

Lessons are individual based. Meaning each teacher may have a different lesson plan, different style of doing things. When you become a student, you will talk with your assigned teacher(s) and they will better explain their lesson plan(s) with you. However with this entire program if there is ever an issue, confusion, worry, or a suggestion you are always free to contact me. I oversee the entire program and will do my best to make sure both teachers and students are comfortable and confident in their roles.

Traditional - Pencil/Pen
Traditional Painting - Acrylic
Traditional Painting - Watercolor
Traditional Painting - Pastel

Digital Drawing - Mouse
Digital Drawing - Tablet
Digital Painting
Digital - 3D Modeling

Coding - HTML/CSS

Literature - Poetry
Literature - Creative Writing

Other classes can be added with popular demand! Do not be afraid to contact me with a request to add a new class. The classes listed are just of the most commonly used and requested.

The list of Teachers and Students can be found in the main ACU Academy Journal in AllColorsUnited!

ACU Academy - Updated Status

:bulletred: Interested in becoming a student in ACU Academy? Fill out the form below in a note to NightSheepStalker!:bulletred:

Student Form
Desired Subject(s):
Desired Teacher(s):
Strengths (Art wise):
Weaknesses (Art wise):
Experience (i.e Novice, Experienced, Advanced, etc):
Special Requests:

All questions, issues, or requests should be made to myself, NightSheepStalker. I will oversee the entire academy and ensure both teachers and students are comfortable and have everything they need to give and have a great experience.

Please keep in mind, anyone who chooses to teach in ACU Academy is doing so with their own free time and their own desire to gift knowledge onto those willing to learn. I ask that everyone please keep respectful and mature. If at any time you have an issue with a teacher or student, please inform me immediately and appropriate action will happen.

I hope to see this program flourish oncemore! I will do what I can to give the best experience to everyone involved.

- Sheep

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Looking forward to seeing the first pairs student-tutor :la:
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